How to Withdraw Pf through Aadhar, PAN Card ? Check Detailed Process

As per government guideline the majority of the businesses company offer a provident fund to their staff. The provident fund provides a security to worker as well as saving to them. The PF amount will be deducted from every month salary plus it added into the PF fund accounts of the person in monthly basis. This will done by business owner to employee gets the fund from their accounts. This process will work under strict law to use the accounts pf and this account is available for fifteen years or more that that as per the choice or employee.

The provident funds can be obtained such as general provident funds. It is for government employees as well as private company employee, the provident fund for people and employee provident fund. The account holder should contribute a fifty percent amount and government as well as company will contribute 50 percentage amount. The person cannot withdrawals the entire amount at the end of tenure. After the end of fifteen years, the account holder may expand for five years or more than that its all about choice.

Finding a details about the withdraw of Pf fund is very eassy and you can do by your self without going any places.  Follow the pf withdrawal process are given without employer signature and you should follow the below procedure if you want to withdraw your pf amount.

Withdrawal pf amount using an Aadhaar card, PAN Card

  • For pf withdraw the employee chooses the member option in the official portal site. Amount can be withdrawn by an individual by the Aadhar card.
  • The bank account and Aadhar card are verified via employer also it is enabled from the pension portal.
  • Activate the UAN  and you begin the withdrawal process with ought taking signature of employee. In the shape enter the necessary detail which is given within the shape.
  • Find the account number of their bank and UAN should be matched to the database.
  • If all details are right then you can proceed for next process.

The PF holder can withdraw the all amount through online process with the help of Aadhar card. Using the online platform, you can withdrawal the amount without any risk. If the Aadhar card number is verify in web portal, then employee can withdraw by following process.

  • First, You visit the web portal and download the form as per the having information with you.
  • The filled forms have to be filed by the user about the bank with proper details.
  • Submit all of the essential details in the file, if you want to take pf amount without any mistakes.
  • If you are document is must br verified from the company manager, you could possibly find the attestation from the manager of their bankcard.
  • After completing the form you simply submit an application out of the provident fund office for other approvals.

After doing all these work, just wait one week and after that your epf money will be credited to you bank account as per given details in you epf form.

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